Monday, July 30, 2007

Another hit of MATH

Played in the MATH tonight. Finished 5th with the top 3 paying out. Another good tournament as I love the deep stack structure. I feel I played well, albeit again probably a bit more tight than optimal. Starting 5seated the 4th place stack had me outchipped 3:1. I was able to suckout on Hoy when my Kd8d outdrew AQo with the chips all in preflop. Then ten or so hands later, Hoy was able to finish me with another AQ, this time vs. my A8: I raised from the button and Hoy in the big blind raised me back all in. I took it for one of those 'resteal' attempts I've read so much about, so I made the (stupid call)... and didn't suckout.

Railing the final four: I see jeciimd is the short stack on the bubble. After being the bubble boy at the last blogger tourney I played, I'm pullin' for him to at least cash here. And would like Hoy to do well too, as that's where all my chips went. ... But, after a LONG 4 way battle Hoy is knocked out on the bubble. 3 seated is jeciimd now with the chiplead, with bartonf and PokerBrian322 also in the cash. jeciimd knocks out Brian real quick and has a little lead going into heads up. But, after a pretty long heads up battle, 'bartonf' is the winner! Good game all!

I'm a talkin' donkey,

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