Monday, July 23, 2007

A fool and his money part ways... A "pro" needs MY help?

EDIT: Post removed! Why I ever published the inexplicable, inexcusable, enormous lapse in raitonale, that effectively advertised my complete ignorance, I'll never know. Post removed with every intention of never again coming up in conversation... or even faint memory. ...


bayne_s said...

Good Luck in MATH.

Getting scammed sucks but your weekend was probably still better than:
1) Michaels Vicks's
2) Tim Donaghy
3) David Stern

RaisingCayne said...

Very true. THANKS bayne!!! I appreciate the perspective. Just something that made my top five of 'things learned the hard way.' See you at the MATH. Good luck.

Dillo said...

Chin up buddy. Have you got your health? Here's hoping!!

GL @ the tables mate.

Astin said...

Not to sound like an ass, but I hope you actually learn from this. Saying you've been scammed for thousands and that you're too trusting says that maybe you've had the opportunity to learn from your mistakes in the past and failed to do so?

If you don't "know" somebody well enough, don't send them a dime. It's a simple rule. Just because you recognize their name (especially one that is easily faked like legggggggggggggggy), doesn't mean squat.

Good luck at the tables, I sincerely hope you earn that cash back and can look back at this without much remorse soon.