Monday, July 23, 2007

Home Sick

Went to work for 45 minutes this morning, just to go home not feeling well. Think I had a case of 'Office Anal Glaucoma', 'cause I couldn't see my ass stayin' at work this morning. Feelin' a little guilty about it, as I've got TONS of work to do on my desk, but I honestly just wasn't feelin' up to par to be very productive today. Don't have a cold or anything, just feeling like last night's 'Taco Pizza' dinner from the local italian joint was a bad idea. Seriously, who orders a Mexican style pizza from an italian joint? Live and learn I suppose.

So, home for the day, with plans to play online all day long. Starting with a $18 'bounty' tourney at UB, along with a couple $10-$20 SnGs. Also gonna be perusing PokerStars for a nice large field MTT later on. Of course, all just for warm up so I'm ready for my first ever 'Monday at the Hoy' tournament this evening. Hoping to at least avoid embarrassing myself with some donkey play. Probably too lofty of a goal though, as I'm dead money...
"...but I'm a talkin' donkey"

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