Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Railing the 'Blogger Freeroll' (almost)... and my "social-life tilt"

Currently listening to the folks at Buddy Dank Radio try to fill the time as Full Tilt technical difficulties continue to delay the blogger freeroll. Just sat down to rail the tournament for entertainment's sake. I see that Waffles was already the first to fall out! :-) After finishing FIRST at the Hoy, he finishes OUT first in the blogger freeroll. Some would say it's variance, but I'd like to think it's karma-related to his knockin' me out in 2nd in my first blogger event. :-)

Had a BAD night of poker last night. With my low point being losing out of a FTOPS satellite FINAL TABLE... with a healthy stack... while holding AA,... against 44 (?)... when I (somehow) got villain to throw in his whole stack AFTER a flop of A93 (?)... just to see a 5 on the turn and of course the effing 2 on the river. Yes, top set vs. under pair. (Ugh!) Threw me into quite the tilted state. I'm even still a little out of sorts about the one bad beat 24 hours ago, and chose to limit my play tonight to just one $20 single table SnG... which I fell from a close 2nd to out in 4th, when chip leader calls my all in for 80% of her stack with AT, and sucks out vs. my JJ.

Speaking of tilt, I faced a couple 'social bad beats' recently that has thrown me into a sort of 'love-life tilt:'
Woke up last week with a funky skin blemish on my cheek that I immediately saw the doctor about... am told I have an infection... (evidently caused from using the same electric razor for 10+ years) ... get an antibiotic and supposedly it'll clear in 5-10 days. (Ugh.) It's totally embarrassing! Looks like a mix between skin cancer and a herpes outbreak right there on my face. I'm an outgoing, social guy by nature, but right now I don't want to leave the condo before this thing clears. I'm so uncomfortable! Work even sucks this week, as I can see people around the office awkwardly notice it. I'm not just being self-conscious here either. I mean it, if I drive by a gal on the sidewalk of a street with a similar blemish, I'm blogging about my witness to the freak that belonged as the 'before picture' in a Valtrex ad. It's that bad! (And I'm that big of a hypocritical rude ass. ... Maybe I should read into that, huh, probably karma.)

And with my perfect timing, two days later I get a very surprising, very HOT, invitation from a sexy gal I just started trying to hang out with. (Whom I didn't even think I was getting anywhere with.) She tells me, "You should come over tonight... Please... I could use the company. ... Just to hang out inside ... stay in, drink a bottle of liquor, (or 2,) maybe watch movies, get stoned, I dunno..." And given my trained nose for detecting vulnerable women I of course automatically translate the invitation to: "come over tonight, get faded, and have hot first-time sex with me." Being just giddy over the rousing, unexpected proposal I quickly reply with, "I'd love to... I'll call you back when I get off work..." Without even remembering the effing HERP-lookin' nasty thing in the middle of my face. I immediately start mourning my situation and go into a social tilt that's persisted ever since. Get off work couple hours later, and call her and make up some funky excuse for having to renege on the plans. (I really hope I'm able to recover with her. We'll see.)
So then Friday night I head out to the Muckleshoot despite my face (or maybe to spite my face, I don't know.) A fairly uneventful night at the tables, but on my way to the car I check my missed voicemails. Got a HOT message from an ex-lover that moved across the country just months ago. She had got home drunk from a night out and was 'just thinking about me'. (Then goes on to explicitly describe why she 'wished I was there.') I curse the circumstances for her not still being local. I've missed her more than I ever thought I would have. Not that I would've seen her this night anyway, as my face is keeping me from any affection. But I'm still just bitter over the circumstance.

Anyway... so that's why I'm on 'life tilt.' I suppose I'll get over it. My blemish is slowly clearing (but will likely ruin one more weekend for me.) And by my count, the good side of poker variance is well past due to hit me with some great luck any moment now. And on that topic, I better find my way into at least one of the FTOPS events!

Well, The Blogger Freeroll didn't resume given Full Tilt's apparent eff-up. I'm sure it'll be rescheduled, (although I do hope my first Mookie isn't again delayed.) I'll be back at the online felt tomorrow night... and on Sunday I'll be railing a friend at a large live tournament that I helped stake him in here: Should be a cool event, and a decent shot of a big payout. I was going to register for it myself, but I sort of lost the buy in from my own bankroll recently. :-( I'm dead money anyway...

"...but I'm a talkin' donkey..."

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Bad beated by your own face...ouch