Monday, August 6, 2007

Bellingham... and The MATH win

Had a crazy wild weekend up North. Following our the Cliff's notes...
Took a friend up on an invitation to reunite with the old college gang near the alma mater (Western Wa U), and drove up to Bellingham with some friends from the Portland area. Went up late Friday night, arriving after midnight. Had a long day Saturday enjoying the area and the company of old friends. Walked downtown, visited the campus, hung out at the beach, watched a friend perform at a theater in the evening, ate like a king, and partied like I was 22 again.

College was bar none the best time of my life thus far, and I found myself in a good mood just being in the ol' stompin' grounds. There's somethin' to be said for that town; filled with beautiful people, and a real friendly vibe. Walkin' by the average person on a sidewalk one is more likely to see a smile worn, rather than the perpetual frustration on the face of the average schmuck on the street in most other places. I could see myself retiring in a town like that.

Anyway... On the poker front, I actually did get a tiny bit of play in this weekend. Funny enough I was able to pick up a random wireless connection with my laptop from my buddy's place in B'Ham, and like an addict, I got on for a half hour of PLO high. Won a buyin at the puny dime-quarter tables for $25. Came home Sunday evening (after the M's game) and took 4th place in a $10 PLO high event that netted me $93. I like that game. :-)

And... I JUST took down the MATH tournament! :-) Netted myself just under $300 for the first place finish. MUCH needed personally after the weekend I just had, and I'm actually withdrawing the majority from the bankroll. I think I got Astin's card rack somehow as I was dealt MANY premium hands throughout the tournament, and had a lot of flops go my way. Was able to recoup from donking off most of my stack on one stupid hand close to the first break. Recovered from having just 1600 chips in the second hour. After coming into the final table with an average stack, I had a big lead by the time we approached the bubble, and could afford to keep up very aggressive play onto a decent win.

Congrats to columbo for finishing 2nd and Mike_Maloney for taking 3rd. HighOnPoker lost out on the bubble in 4th. Mike entered the final table with a nice chiplead and would've had a huge advantage 3seated if it wasn't for some real tough beats. GG all! And thanks to Buddy Dank for again providing quality entertainment throughout! See everyone Wednesday at the Mookie!

I'm a talkin' donkey!


Mike Maloney said...

Nice win. You did a nice job of taking charge once we got short-handed at the FT, nothing any of us could do about it.

Astin said...

So that's where my cards went! You just left me with a bunch of AK, one KK, and lots of medium pairs last night. :)

There were a few times I was tempted to go to war with you with cruddy cards after all your raising, I'm glad I didn't.

Congrats on the win!

lj said...

congrats! i saw a little of the three-handed and it looked like you were dominating!

SirFWALGMan said...

Damn man do not tell me I am going to have to play now to stop your reign of terror.. geez. Good job.

RaisingCayne said...

Thanks for all the congrats!

And yes, I should admit, I believe my victory likely had as much to do with Waffles' absence in the MATH as it did with the amazing run of cards I got all evening. For some reason I think it would have been very different with sirfwalgman in attendance. My shrunken confidence alone would've been enough to negatively effect the outcome.

Matt said...

Congrats, that's a pretty impressive run in the MATH lately.

I've only been to Bellingham once, but I really enjoyed it. My first New Year's in WA, and from what I remember, it was a good time.