Monday, July 23, 2007

My first MATH.

Like many's first hit of meth, I think I'm addicted after my first shot at the MATH. I played the weekly 'Monday's At The Hoy" tournament at Full Tilt tonight, and LOVED it. Listening to Buddy Dank radio, and chattin' with the many bloggers that I've become so familiar with has been incredibly entertaining. (I'm typing this as we approach the final table.) I've had some GREAT beginner's luck, and was chip leader for a long portion of the tourney thus far. (JUST surpassed by Waffles.) I had the bittersweet pleasure (?) of knocking out the esteemed host Hoy when I flopped top set with my TT and got him all in with his JJ. GG Hoy!

I have to give a big thank you to Hoy for being a gracious host, and welcoming me into the tournament. And a big shout out to the folks at Buddy Dank radio, as I found their commentary and music selection to be both hilarious and entertaining. I truly felt like this has been "my fifteen minutes" having been mentioned on their broadcast. (Albeit a little less exciting upon discovery of the whopping 20-people listening.) Thanks Buddy Dank, Crazedgamer, and InstantTragedy... LOVED it!

Play by play... Made the final table, and a break. Waffles now has a huge chiplead sitting at 32,180, I've got a firm second with 18,950... top four pay. With one fallout on the first hand of the FT, we're down to eight left. I've got plans to tighten way up in hopes of folding to the cash. I'd really like to cash in my first blogger tourney. Maybe garner some immediate (dumbfounded) respect amongst the blogger gang that haven't yet learned that I'm dead money.

Now down to six... in third after irongirl passes me up. Waffles still dominating. VinNay and Mike_Maloney the low stacks. Fingers crossed. I've been folding everything, as I feel Hoops15mt has been my nemesis all tourney, and he's sitting two to my left with an equal stack. ... Won a big hand against Waffles when I flopped top set with my AA. Just to give back the lead to him on the next hand. ... Oooh, took out VinNay when I called his button allin with AdTd and it holds up against K8o. ... And Maloney loses to break the bubble! ... I MADE THE CASH!!!

Final four: ... Waffles quickly goes from first to worst against Hoops. IronGirl chips up as well, leading Waffles into a short stack. I continue to fold not having any big hands and feeling chip healthy enough to wait. (Buddy Dank radio continues to crack me up with their continued coverage.) Waffles the short stack is now two to my left, but I'm too big of a pansy to ever raise his big blind. ... Waffles doubles back through Hoops, leading to a very close four way chip count, with me having a slight lead. ... Irongirl seems to be sharing my strategy as we await Hoops and Waffles to battle it out. ... But I hit a fullhouse with A2 to take a big stack from Hoops, leaving him shortstacked. ... He loses to Waffles. and now I'm well short stacked sitting 3 seated. ... Playing way too passively, I find myself getting blinded out. ... But I catch some cards and we're very even in chips 3way. ... BACK AND FORTH for awhile, before irongirl falls out in third. Facing a large deficit heads up, I get waffles all in with my top pair vs. his gutshot... and he hits his straight on the river. GG me. 2nd place for $198... ship it.

All in all my first experience with the blogger tourneys was absolutely fabulous. I haven't had that much fun playing online poker in a long time. I got some great cards, hit some awesome flops, and had one big suckout go my way. (Hit an Ace on the turn when holding AK against a short stacks all in with KJ, after a flop of KJx.) Somehow managed to fumble my way into the cash, and even got my money in right with a healthy stack heads-up. Having the distinguished honor of losing the the great Waffles. And netting $170 for my efforts.

Thank you everyone for the good time, I had a blast. See you next week!
"...I'm a talkin' donkey"


katitude said...

Congrats on the ITM finish!

Astin said...

Great job last night! 2nd in your first MATH is pretty damned good.

SirFWALGMan said...

Haha! Great writeup! Welcome to the gang. I enjoyed playing with you. Hoops is my arch nemesis too.. fucker..

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Great job last night, Cayne. Well done on your first ever MATH tournament!

CEMfromMD said...

Very nice job Cayne. Welcome to the blog tournaments! Hope to see you at more of these.

RaisingCayne said...

Thank you everyone for the welcoming comments!!! I foresee me being at a bunch of these 'bloggerments' going forward! See you all at the Mookie tomorrow!

Matt said...


Welcome to the world of poker blogging. Congrats on the finish in the MATH last night.

Noticed you're from Federal Way. I'm in Seattle myself. Good to see another Puget Sound area poker blogger. Hit me up on my blog sometime - would love to hear your thoughts on live play in the area.

Good luck & keep it up!


crazdgamer said...

Good job on the 2nd place finish.

Just to clarify, however, I was only a guest on BuddyDank radio: Buddy and InstantTragedy are the regulars, and they do a better job of radioing than I do.

Irongirl01 said...

welcome to this crazy world of poker bloggers.. Math Mookie WPBT etc... I wen to my first blogger gathering in June and it was a blast.. Adding you to my read list now.

lj said...

missed math last week, but congrats on finish! getting scammed sucks - i have a slightly gullible friend (graduated from cal-berkeley, not a stupid girl) who got taken for hundreds by someone who approached her on the street in nyc. she was just wanting to believe the best.

am proud to be your first bloglines subscriber, and see you around a blogger tourney or two (i'll be the donkey pushing w/ 96 sooooted).