Sunday, July 22, 2007

First Post

So, I started my own blog. No grand intentions with this, beyond providing the means for me to document my misadventures at the poker felt. Well, that and I really had planned to start playing the weekly blogger tourneys, and thought if I had my own blog, I'd feel more like one of the gang. And I figured if I was going to start donating my donkey dollars to the blogger community, I'd provide a resource for some to know who I am.

And just in case anyone was curious: Name's Cayne. I'm a 20-something financial analyst from the Pacific NorthWest. Currently residing in Federal Way, just South of Seattle. Been in love with the game of poker for at least five years now, and have experienced moderate success. Online I spend most my time (okay, money) at UltimateBet as 'CayneB.' But I also play a lot at PokerStars as '3mates.' And I JUST opened up an account at FullTilt as 'RaisingCayne.' I consider myself a decent tournament player, as I've had some considerable success with SnGs and MTTs. However, I remain incompetent of cash game play evidently as I consistently post losses with my attempts there.

I've enjoyed reading many poker blogs for a long time now, and am really lookin' forward to playing with the some of the people that I feel I already know so much about. (Hoy, Iggy, Pauly, BadBlood, PokerWolf, HighOn, Change100, Carmen, Bayne, Waffles, Rooster, Drizz, Donkey Puncher, etc...) So, not sure where I'm going to go with this blog here, as I don't foresee myself ever having anything incredibly insightful to post. But I look forward to sharing my poker perspectives, and maybe becoming a little part of the 'poker blogger community,' if I'm welcomed. I've got plans to be at the Hoy tomorrow evening, I'll be sure and introduce myself.

My recent poker escapades fortunately include a 1st place finish in a $10rebuy Pot Limit Omaha event at UB for $580 last night... but with UB's 'double addon' rebuy options, I did commit $51 into the pool. I've also been fortunate enough to win 3 seats to UB's "Sunday $200k" this week, which I cashed out for 645 Tournament Dollars in total. Of course I dumped in at least $50 to those efforts. I've been feeling great about my game lately and look forward to using these small bankroll boosts to put me on a little roll.

Went to the local Sunday morning tourney at PJ Pocket's to donk off my $45 donation this morning. (Idiotically RE-raised JJ to commit me to the pot, when BB woke up with KK.) Fortunately my freind 'RedheadJenn' ended up taking it down for a nice score. (And bought me lunch!) Been playing all day online since then, but I think I got too drunk earlier, as I can't seem to finish anything off today. Probably a good time for me to stop and call it a day, but that's not gonna happen. I'm dead money...

"...but I'm a talkin' donkey!"

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