Friday, August 15, 2008

The Ides of August

With little specific things in mind to share, and even less time to share my random ramblings this afternoon, I'm again going with the miscellaneous bullet-point format... Here we go:
  • Got a 10-year High School reunion this weekend. Making the trip to the tiny hometown to see if I can pick up any naive ladies that may have managed to forget how big of an asshole I am. Never underestimate the gullibility of the female gender!
  • While on the subject of my chauvinism... I have actually had a pretty consistent gal in my life of late. A single Mom that I really have no place being with, given my lack of affection for anyone under the age of 18, and my inability to commit to anything at all. But what am I going to do, tell her to stop swinging by for hot sex?! Haven't YET started feeling too guilty for my lack of emotions, so I'm figuring there's not too much harm in continuing the status quo. (And it's not like she knows this blog exists.)
  • It's been quite the experience being with a gal that is so wanton in her sexual desires as this one... each of her visits have been exhaustive Fuckfests. I was actually thankful she had a family she needed to get home to after our last Fuckapalooza '08. I'm evidently no longer too proud to admit fatigue in bed. An unfortunate sign of aging I think.
  • Spent Wednesday evening at home alone playing the Mookie and chatting it up on the radio with a bunch of folks. Good times. (Pardon the lack of individual links/thanks, as I'm afraid I'd forget at least one of the many of us that crowded the on-air room.)
  • And, FYI, ScottMC decided to come out of the closet with a very "UN-ScottMC-like" admission to recently discovering a fascination with the completely man-tastic game for geeky adolescents, World of Warcraft. ??!!?? WTF?! Just in case you needed a recent sign of the apocalypse, here it is! I mean I can almost sympathize with Waffles having this homo hobby, and I wasn't even too surprised to hear of Chris' cock-filled forays into this ghey subculture, given their apparent penchant for the pubescent... But, ScottMC!? I thought this was one blogger who actually had a pair. Who knew?
  • For the record, my above opinionated remarks regarding specific bloggers' sexuality are completely made in jest. (I provide this disclaimer wholly out of fear of physical repurcussions for my big mouth.)
  • It's evidently Matt's birthday this weekend, in case you wanted to shoot him a well wish over on his blog. (Old age jokes would be preferred.)
  • Oh, and speaking of local bloggers... I just learned that Chris evidently has NEVER experienced the joy of a professional lap dance.!? Here's hoping this isn't the case after this calendar year!
  • The roommate's dog got into ANOTHER fight with a skunk on my backporch a couple weeks back. Again while my sliding glass door was open! (An identical experience was had last Summer!) If you've never smelled the wrath of this malodorous rodent you should definitely knock on wood, as the aftermath of getting this vermit fired up is a disgusting experience that doesn't go away in a small amount of time. The fucking mut spent a couple weeks banned from the indoors.
  • Recently told my Doctor I was trying to quit smoking pot, (really with just the intention of cutting down,) and without batting an eye he handed me a heavy duty prescription for Xanax and told me to take 1/4 or 1/2 a pill just when I was feeling in the mood to get stoned. Turns out the pills freaking rock! (Already got a few refills called in to the pharm.) I don't know why I ever doubted the good Dr. Pauly's previous references to this fabulous form of entertainment, but, like MickeyD's, I'm lovin' it.
  • The acquisition of the business in which I'm employed has been complete. As of 08/04/08 I'm now an employee of a company whose name rhymes with intern-rational-caper, rather than a local organization whose name rhymes with darewouser. (I'm obviously committed to a consistent strong work ethic considering this post is going up late on a Friday afternoon from my desk here at the office, and was started directly after lunch. SHHH!)
  • My commute tripled in size, and is now a ~6 mile trip down the hill to Auburn, rather than a simple across town jaunt. Rigged.
  • Still wholly unsure about the future. While it's pretty obvious my position is moving to Memphis, TN on or before next Summer, I still can't state with any confidence whether I'm going to move with it, or seek a different option. I've got quite the résumé with all my work experiences now, and am real confident I could find something else. (Am even partially considering an entire career change given a recent awareness that a new casino is being built within a reasonable commute from my current abode. Even the rigged gaming industry needs financial analysts I imagine.)
  • No poker details worth mentioning. Really just seem to be treading water of late, with no big recent scores or any substantial bankroll movements. I have managed to build a ~$150 bankroll over at PokerStars off of just the $11 Jordan gave me awhile back. (For winning a punny nickname contest over at his blog a month or so back. Thanks again HoP!) I'm real glad I'm quasi-back on PStars as it's just been a refreshing change of pace to the poker grind to have more than one site option. (Still need to find my way to BoDog, but I digress...)
  • For the first time in nearly a decade, the Maddenoliday came and went Tuesday without me dropping ~$60 on a new video game purchase. For a brief moment I thought it may have been a sign of my growing up and maturing... but then I realized I still giggle at childish innuendo, so that couldn't be the case.

Well, it's after 5 on Friday, wonder if anyone's in the Donkarama...

'Til next time...'s in the game,



MHG said...

I fully expect to get a lap dance by the end of the calendar year. But I think it will happen at home, with a happy ending. Call me old fashioned!

lightning36 said...

Now, if you can just get the wanton sex while playing poker online ...

The Wife said...

It's a good thing I'm old and married and you're just such a genial person - otherwise I'd think you were a total dawg stoner. Instead, you just make me laugh.

Hope your new girl doesn't read blogs. Hope to see you at a home game soon (working on it!). And hope you save some money for Vegas this year!

RaisingCayne said...

MHG... a lap dance at home is not a professional one.

Lightning... a very coincidental comment! I'll spare the specifics, but pushed my way out of Friday's donkarama on purpose when my attention was being otherwise engaged.

Wife... all should be well aware by now that I am indeed a total dawg stoner. It's just my amiable nature that keeps me from being despised.

Evy said...

I love me some lap dances!

As to your newest fuck buddy, I do want to make one note...

...i've been where she is, and having being FWB is fine, as long as you are clear on the fact that you are not in it for a relationship. Full disclosure on that point really is only fair...

Just my two cents. Obviously, you are a big boy (well, I don't know that for a fact but i guess i'll go on faith LOL) and can make your own decisions on how to treat the girl. Just as someone who has been in your girl's position (probably in more ways than one...haha...damn i'm so funny!), I know how it feels when my understanding of the relationship was not the same as the guy's understanding. It can hurt a bit.

That being said, when you are done with her, can you give me her #??? :)

RaisingCayne said...

Oh, great. Thanks Evy... NOW the guilt has hit me! Geez.

I should admit, I have probably mislead this gal as to my intentions... but then again, I like to believe I'm able to claim ignorance, given I don't really know my intentions.

Assuming Cayne's a big boy might be a leap of faith! Advice is always welcome, (even when it's not exactly what I wanted to hear.)

(Oh, and since you inquired, fyi... I'd be happy to provide her number, and mine, if you're ever in the region. Just to throw that out there... ;-)

Evy said...

LOL wasn't trying to lay the guilt trip....sorry.

You can still let her know 'the truth' without hurting her....just tell her she's beautiful...she's sexy as all enjoy being with her...but you just want her to know that you aren't looking for an "official" relationship right now. You just wanted her to know that so that there would be no misunderstandings. You have a lot of respect for her and would never want to mislead her, etc. etc.

Man, can I deal out some bullshit or what???? :)

Seriously though, its a way of giving her a heads up and I'll bet you $5 she will still fuck you as much as you want and you will not have to feel guilty for a second!

Of course, this little piece of advice will cost you $50. You may pay me in cash or services, your choice. :::evil grin:::

email me at curiousmarissa AT hotmail to arrange payment. :)