Monday, August 18, 2008

Running Good...

Contrary to assumptions reached from the title, this is actually NOT a poker brag post. Oh, it's a brag post alright, just not really poker related. ;-)
  1. Got a surprise visitor last Friday, and kicked off my weekend with some hot sex. I should maybe apologize for my unruly aggression post-rebuy period in the donkarama, and my lack of "gg" as I exited, given my attention to poker was stolen away by an exotically robed enchantress. (Okay, I'm not "sorry," but you get my point.)
  2. Went to my 10 year High School reunion Saturday and had the awesome pleasure of fooling around with the girl I had the wicked huge crush on a decade ago!! W00t!... Boom!...etc. I am still on an ecstatic high from the experience. Didn't nail her or anything, but had a hot time fooling around, and we did part ways with each other's number and plans for a future rendesvous, as she evidently resides in my fair city of Federal Way.
  3. And speaking of my fair city... I just got pulled over by Federal Way's finest on the way home from work today. Like a douchebag, I totally rolled through a stop sign and deservedly got nailed for it. Provided my license, registration, and 13-month-ago-expired proof-of-insurance certificate. After being told to "hold tight" the officer returned very quickly to review ~$450 worth of fines that could be charged, (as my front license plate simply resting on my dashboard was also a big no-no.) He then went on to state that he confirmed on his computer that I hadn't been pulled over in years, and that I had been living within the city limits for over five years without any interaction with the local police force... and evidently that was "worth receiving a warning." Fuck yeah Federal Way FiveOh!
  4. Got home and opened the bag of Peanut M&M's that the roommate's girlfriend left in my living room... first one out of the pouch is a double-peanut! (Okay, so I'm not sure this point is really brag worthy, but it sure felt like proof of my continued good fortune.)

So, I'm going into this evening's poker session on a good luck roll of sorts. Hopefully I can turn into some tournament results in my MTT game.

The reunion was a total blast, and is well worth a whole post given the incredibly entertaining occassion. (Complete with Springer-esque white trash bitch fight! VERY High School.) Another time I hope, as this evening I just wanted to get this good-luck-gloating out of my system...

'Til next time,

Take care of yourself, and each other,


BamBam said...

Oh crap!

2 post from you in four days! Well, have a nice Winter! I'll check back here in the Spring for the next one!


Instant Tragedy said...

Continued good luck my friend.


Evy said...



You go on wit your bad self.