Tuesday, July 8, 2008

50th post

(*EDIT!!! As Schaubs so diligently pointed out, this is NOT my 50th post!? Rather just lowly no. 39!? Evidently this dumbass author decided to count the 11 'saved' ramblings that never made their way onto the site as blog posts. Hmm. Cayne having problems with prematurely completing celebrations... hmmm... weird!)
----- ...

In recognition of this minor blog milestone, and in keeping with the 'random ramblings' theme of this pointless website, provided below is an aimless listing of completely unrelated, desultory things on my brain:
  • Was sent a link to a video that put me in a good mood the other day. If you have a few minutes, and need a smile, check it out. (But just for the record, ladies, contrary to some opinion I do NOT resemble the main figure in the video, as my dance repertoire is much much smoother!)

  • This weekend is the 25th anniversary of the Tenino Motorcycle Drill Team's annual fundraiser biker rally, the Do Wa Diddy. I don't expect that to make any sense to anyone that reads this, as I've never previously mentioned my talented Father's awesome past time on here before, and don't want to explain more at the moment. But suffice it so say for now, there's a huge, wild, fucking awesome bash all day and night this Saturday. I look forward to it every year and anxiously await the weekend!

  • The following Friday, July 18th, is the roommate's birthday. In celebration of the anniversary of this donkey's birth, a group of us are headed to Emerald Downs, to enjoy the pony races. I've never been before and am really looking forward to it. The lazy ass roommate (whom I really don't know why I bother linking to, given he never posts on his ghey ass blog,) hasn't e-mailed out the invite with details yet, but we do hope many others will consider joining us. Should be a great time.

  • Still don't have television at home. Just can't bring myself to willingly sign up for another ~$50/month bill after stealing free cable for the last decade. It's sort of funny how little I've missed it after never imagining being able to live without it. The roommate is pissed about it though, so I'll likely have to give in to the very un-comcastic local service provider soon.

  • Felt like shit last week, and spent the holiday weekend sick on my couch. I watched the entire first season of Magnum PI on DVD. Grew a mustache. Not on purpose, it just sort of sprouted as I watched the episodes, it was weird. That show rocks though. (And I'm starting to understand the Doc's love for the Ferrari.)

  • Ran real deep in the $28k on FullTilt the other night, but it was just to drop out from a top ten stack in 50something place by running kings into aces. Rigged.

  • Bought tickets for a weekend trip to San Francisco with a small group of friends in September. Not much of an itinerary, just a couple nights at cool locations celebrating some close friends' forthcoming nuptials.

  • Definitely planning on being in Vegas in December over the weekend of the 13th, (someone has to dethrone the cocky current champ!)

Well, I hope all is well with you and yours. 'Til next time...

Zeus! Apollo! ...


BamBam said...

"whom I really don't know why I bother linking to, given he never posts on his ghey ass blog"

WOW !!!

Never must be like, a really, REALLY loooooong time !


Schaubs said...

It seems like this is your 39th post...

You exagerating liar face.

I did the math, I am good at math.

HighOnPoker said...

Screw Schaubs and his math. Unfinished posts have to count, because when you get to 100 or 200, you sure as hell won't be counting the unpublished ones. Congrats on 50! I look forward to meeting you in Vegas.

Schaubs said...

I am at post 1,243 then Jordan...

See you both in Vegas!

The Wife said...

I'm going to try to be at the early race . . . excited to see everyone again . . . will try to bring the hotness factor, too.

And I know he said no presents, but if I want to bring a portable present, what do I bring?

Matt said...

Sorry I couldn't make it. Starting Happy Hour at 3:30 wasn't a good idea.

Well, it was, just not in terms of being able to make it to Emerald Downs.

P.S. If you need someone to room with in December, talk to me.

BamBam said...

Is it time for one of my "mild nags" yet? Yeah, probably is huh?

I know!
You can brag about how well I was doing last night in a NLHE game, (granted only for an hour and a half) courtesy of your awesome teachiness!

Oh and as for your comment to Riggs: Although I appreciate the back up about how the game was played at the RC's last night, I'll have you know I folded 91.6% of my hands thank you sir!


Instant Tragedy said...

Are you ever going to post again?