Thursday, August 21, 2008

Problem Solved

So I discussed a small quandary yesterday regarding playing in this Sunday's $1.5 million guarantee tournament on PokerStars, given my lack of sufficient bankroll it was difficult to justify not unregistering to get the tournament dollars despite my significant ambition to play. Well... I solved the dilemma last night, by simply winning another seat! Took down the identical satellite tournamant two nights in a row! I rock.

...I'm humble too,


OhCaptain said...

Well done! Bankroll problem solved.

And for the record, she picked it out. Sometimes Dad's do rock and with her, she thought the shirt was cool...her dad is her Guitar Hero :-)

Lategreatjc said...

Dude! Right on! Now that is some poker right there! Now take down the 1.5 and all is good!

The Wife said...

Take down the $1.5 and you're hosting . . . forever!

Instant Tragedy said...


Now take it down!!!!

Good Luck!