Wednesday, August 22, 2007

DOOKIE!!! ... FullTilt Sunday $750k... (and the F*%$#@' Mookie.)

Played the mookie tonight... fucking bubbled! Got 6th place when the top 5 paid. I feel I played alright, but made a stupid move to lose. EXACTLY the same as the MATH two nights ago, I called one of Hoy's final table all-ins with a piss-poor hand that I thought was within his range. Tonight I called my small stack off with KTo against Hoy's push of all in with 99... 9 on the flop kills me. The MATH I final tabled and called Hoy's push with ATo to see his AJo and a J on the flop. Fool me once, shame on Hoy... fool me twice shame on my dumbass! I have NO idea why I made the same eff up twice in a row. I knew Hoy's range was big both times, but AT and KT???!!! WTF?! They're not hands 6seated!!! Lesson FINALLY learned, I hope.

GG ALL! Hoy didn't take this one down, fallin' out in 4th, right after Bayne... katiemother and leftylu are heads up now, with VinNay taking 3rd... leftylu ended up taking it down. Thanks BuddyDank for the entertainment! The radio show again kicked ass.

But enough about my mistakes in tournaments... I played 'The Dookie' for the first time tonight, and WON!!! a $5 blogger TURBO LIMIT HORSE tournament. Took 1st place out of 19 for a net $42 gain. I like HORSE... evidently. Never played the game before, but knew the games involved. Feel I played great, knowing when I had the odds to call, push, or fold correctly. I might have to give the HORSE tourneys a chance.

And on another poker topic... I won myself a seat at my first FullTilt Sunday $750k guarantee last night!!! Took 1st out of 49 in an $8 satellite to win me a seat. Lookin' forward to the tournament. Not to get ahead of myself by any means, but my first satellite win into the PokerStars Sunday Million six months ago netted me my biggest score ever (18th place for ~$6k,) so I'm really hopin' my beginner's luck streak continues this Sunday. Wish me luck. Until then...
I'm a talkin' donkey,


Eleanor_Elliott said...
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pokertart said...

When/where is the DOOKIE? I love HORSE!

Hopefully it starts earlier in the evenings...all the blogger tourneys last well past my beditme :/

RaisingCayne said...

The "Dookie" starts AFTER the "Mookie" every Wednesday evening. Unfortunately NOT earlier in the evening, but later. And it's not always HORSE, but I think something different every week. Same 'vegas1' password as the Mookie. Just a $5 buy-in... I think it's usually Turbo format, whatever the game, and no deepstacks. It was over before the Mookie final table finished up. But yeah, that was nearly 10 pm on the Left Coast.

Matt said...


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Matt said...

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