Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mid week musings

Wednesday evening... playing the Mookie. Pessimistic about my chances given the reigning champion and always tough MiamiDon is directly on my left. Although, I was able to chip up to 5k in the first hour given my AJ held up vs. 99 when the money got in on a Jack-high board. So, we'll see. I'd love to keep up my nice record in these blogger events, but I've yet to cash in my 3 attempts at the Mookie.

Had a crazy busy day at the office, and an even more hellish one on the calendar for tomorrow. I'll save the boring details... it's just frustrating leaving the office with uncompleted tasks and knowing I really should've stayed a few more hours, to make tomorrow less stressful. Fortunately I've got a nice weekend planned I can look forward to... leavin' work at noon Friday for the company's annual Golf Jamboree. It's always good times; a chance to get hammered with the higher-ups while chasing my errant drives all over the course. And, I've got a bachelor party Saturday that involves 18 (more) holes of golf, and a little home poker game in the evening (that I expect to be muy +EV.) And Sunday I've got pretty vanilla plans to lounge around the house and donk it up at the virtual felt. Which happens to be my favorite flavor Sunday!

On a sidenote though: WHO THROWS A BACHELOR PARTY WITHOUT STRIPPERS!? I MEAN SERIOUSLY? The groom-to-be is a real conservative friend of my roommates, and I'm really not looking forward to the day, save the poker portion of the evening. I'm a perpetual bachelor myself, so my opinion's are a bit biased, but I just don't understand a bachelor party without strippers. I mean, 'when in Rome...'? What's the deal? I thought that was the point of the event.

Picked up Madden '08 for the PS3 yesterday... provides quality entertainment in between my SnG play. Excited for the NFL Season to get underway. ... Go Seahawks!!!

I'm a talkin' donkey!

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