Monday, January 28, 2008

Home Game Talk

Yet again I've really got no good reason for the extensive delay between posts, but I won't apologize as this time I can at least list excuses. I mean I didn't play any poker in weeks before just last Friday, so haven't had much to put on the ol' poker blog lately. Two primary excuses. First, Full Tilt and I had a little falling out after the first week or two of the year. We got angry... both said some things we shouldn't have... decided to take a small break from each other. I believe it's for the best. Thinking of communicating again soon though, we'll see. And second, a couple weeks back the roommate got his PlayStation3 online. It's a means for demoralizing random invisible internet villains, without the frustration of facing an aggro lucksack's rivered two outer for your tournament life.

Was able to get in some pokering this last weekend. Went down to my buddy Andre's for the game at his place Friday night. It's the home game tournament I've mentioned before; filled with dead money buy ins, without anyone that knows even basic strategy for the game. I'm pretty damn sure I won't be invited for the next one, after completely dominating the tourney again. It was a lot of fun, and really just a social occasion with just a $20 buyin and lots of booze flowing. I seriously almost started feeling bad after raping the whole table throughout. Almost. It did give me a lil' $100 profit after 2nd out of the 9 got $60. None of the competition ('cept for my buddy Andre) had any idea what they were doin'. I found it incredibly easy to separate each from their chips, (but I will admit I did have to suckout to finish off the host.) I won't post about any hands of note, as the game had lots of weird play, and my notable monster pots involved my being called by laughable holdings. It was a great time, although winning always is.

And speaking of home games. I'm excited to say that we're having a home game filled with bloggers at my place in under three weeks, on Saturday February 9th! With the help of Matt for putting it together, the roommate and I are hostin' a little game for local members of the poker blogger brethren. Matt, myself, Joshua, Meanhappyguy, Mrs. Chako, Zeem, and SeattleJohn are hoped to be in attendance. (Plus my buddy Andre, and his awesome poker table.) Lookin' forward to the game.

Good luck all...


BamBam said...

Nice to hear from you R.C. !

Don't ever feel too bad about easy money. There's enough times that button mashers such as myself will take you out on the river with the case card !


Oh and ...

Can you just jot down, "give 'The Wife' a hug for Bam-Bam" on your to-do list for the 9th. please?

Much appreciated.

HighOnPoker said...

I wish I was in the area. It sounds like a good game.

RaisingCayne said...
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RaisingCayne said...

No promises, as I've never been much of a hugger. But I'll be sure and give her a fist bump for ya.

And Jordan reminds me... I should've stated in the post that if for some crazy reason any other PoBlo's are in the Seattle area on 02/09, they should definitely hit me up and make it for the home game!

BamBam said...

I'l take what ever you give me R.C.!

Thanks for stopping by earlier. Glad you enjoyed it and K.G. Jr is a great choice. Did you see where he was a "real man" back in 1990-91?

I think it was score baseball cards, (I could go look but it was a long day at work and I've already poured a drink and gotten comfortable) that out together a special card with him and his Dad. They print the backside text first and during final approval, they found a small error. They'd printed about 1,000 sheets and each sheet 4 of the special cards on them. Jr. approved the completion of the run so the company could save all of the other cards on the sheets. Then he took all the error cards and he signed everyone. 4,000 of them!
He's been giving them to, (might be done now) kids with special needs.
The rumour is when they re-printed and cut the corrected cards, Jr. stuck an error card in the pile with both he and his fathers signatures. Strictly rumour of course.

The Wife said...

Bam Bam gives great hugs . . . I don't know what your "bump" consists of, but I have HIGH standards, after Vegas.

I'll bring the camera for pictures . . . how trashy am I supposed to dress for this? That's part of my poker allure - business woman by day, trashy girl in the poker room.

Can't wait to see you there.

The Wife

RaisingCayne said...

Come on now, you know what a fist bump consists of... it's just a Howie Mandel hello. Handshakes are a bit too intimate for me, so hugs are out of the question.

Not sure about the dress code question. Not used to bein' asked for help pickin' outfits. I mean "trashy" is a must, as it's at my place and that's just par for the course. But 'how' trashy is completely up to you.

I'll look forward to seein' ya on the 9th!

Zeem said...

You can't just destroy a great home game like that. You need to do what it takes to be welcome back. Get your drink on or something.

Anonymous said...

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Matt said...

I am SO stoked for this.

Especially the part where I take everyone's money.

meanhappyguy said...

This should be a doozy! I'm assuming we'll be playing Buddy Dank radio in the background? My game will be off without the smooth, melodic sounds of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

BamBam said...


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Uncle Chuck said...

Sounds like a good time to me!

Say HIGH to MHG for me.

BamBam said...

You uuuuhh.....
Have a comment directed to you at my place.

BamBam said...

I thought I'd start out going easy on you and, only offer up a mini-nag about posting something soon.
No rush ! I don't get really pushy for some time yet.


BamBam said...

I thought I'd start out going easy on you and, only offer up a mini-nag about posting something soon.
No rush ! I don't get really pushy for some time yet.