Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year! This is going to be an uber post, as I have a lot I'd like to get down. So with that being said, I'm going to recommend to the casual visitor that may have come across this post to not bother reading on. Stop now. Really. Unless one has ample time to kill, and an odd desire to know way too much about this random schmuck's many goings' on, I suggest surfing on to another page now. Again, I do not take responsibility for the moments of a reader's life lost by taking part in reading on further, and there should be NO expectations of anything to be gained from continuing. You've been warned.

My intentions with this post are many:
  • To review the last year of my life; both on the poker front & personally. Including a recap of December, (as I haven't posted since just after Thanksgiving.)
  • Take a look forward to the upcoming year. And include some New Year Resolutions of sorts. Again both on the poker front, and personally/professionally. (My goals for 2008 will even include some specific to this as-yet-completely-pointless little blog here.)
  • And finally, I will wish all a very Happy 2008! And include a few specific "shot outs" to some within our poker blogger community for their contributions to my finding this odd little society of ours so damn entertaining.

I'm telling you, it's gonna be a long post. Leave now. Here's another option for entertainment, rather than reading on further. No? Okay, how 'bout this? Both are likely more entertaining than proceeding. Again, you've been warned!)

My 2007 In Review...
Poker: I've had a mildly successful year on the poker front. In retrospect, I probably grade it a B-... but I'm a really tough critic on myself. While there was some great successes, I just didn't accomplish the high goals I had for my poker results, and for the level of my game in general. I still have some significant weaknesses apparent in my poker results that I had hoped to already have proven to be resolved. (But more on that another time soon.)

I did manage to take down my largest score ever less than a week into '07 with an 18th place finish in the first-of-the-year PokerStars' Sunday Million tourney... albeit for just ~$6k. January went on to be a great month for me, with two four-figure wins, and some real consistent SnG results. Unfortunately the first month of the year was by far my best, as I haven't seemed to be able to again capture the same rate of success since. Also unfortunate is the fact that this last month of December has been the toughest month on me, as measured by poker results. I experienced a REALLY tough few weeks of MTTs between major holidays, (which significantly contributed to the lack of posts here!) I couldn't seem to win anything the first few weeks of December. It wasn't until after Christmas (& after my 27th birthday, the 23rd), that I even had my first real decent day's results at the felt. But, I have managed to have a moderate last week of the year I suppose. (Including a double-cash bonus in the Daily Double where I just missed the best double finish score, and a very entertaining 2nd place finish in Kat's $1 rebuy Donkament last Friday.)

I'd prefer to focus on the positives for my '07 in poker, and besides the aforementioned January, these include the following:

  • I've continued to consistenly win at rates that provide me with indulgences for which I've become accustom. (But, more on that another time soon.)
  • I've managed to not play at levels above what I believe is manageable for my limited bankroll. While the ugly bitch we call variance has reared her homely head in my direction by way of some shitty streaks, I've managed to never feel like I lost my ass, and have always proven able to recover from the bad runs.
  • I've continued to gain immense invaluable experiences. Which this year include my biggest buy-in online tourneys, and more live tournament play than ever before.
  • And MOST notably of my poker positives... I have had more FUN playing poker this year than in recent past. I've rediscovered a passion for this game that I feel was missed for a time, during a too-blind pursuit for part-time profit. And deserving of considerable credit for this renewed exuberance is my involvement in this poker blogger community. (But, more on that another time.)

2007 Personally...
If I were to provide a meaningless grade for my 2007 as it pertained to my personal 'life goals' it would probably be a C-. And that's probably only 'cause I thought D+ was failing, and I couldn't be that cruel on myself. I am a real harsh judge though, and by no means do I want to give off the impression that my life is at all bad. As that's really not at all the case! It's just, I've had too persistent feelings of "BLAH" recently to consider myself that happy of a person. Pardon the vague reference, used for lack of a better word I suppose. ...
...Albert Einstein once defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Hard for me to question the 'Man of the Millennium,' as I've recently too often found myself with moments of apparent lossed sanity given a life of nearly unbearable routine.
But anyway, my last intent here is to whine about my life in general. It ain't at all bad! I'm gonna try to use the New Year time as a means to provide a refreshed attitude, and I plan to do my best to look forward to '08 with as much optimism as I can muster. And speaking of looking forward...

Poker Goals. Aiming high, but hopefully not unreasonably so, the following are some quantifiable objectives for what I hope to accomplish with poker going forward into the New Year:
  • Have one large score online in excess of $5,000. I did it once, seems reasonable to assume I should be able to do it again.
  • Play at least 3 live tournaments per month, track all results, and show a profit of a minimum of four figures. With buyins of $40-$300, I think this is a very small goal that won't require much of an ROI%. While I take part in a few home game routines that I practically dominate, I haven't had the same results at more formal poker rooms. And before I go making any significant live tournament goals, I think it's best to first confirm that I'm at least a 'winning player' over a significant number of tourneys.
  • And on the topic of should-be-easily-attainable-objectives, I don't want to lose out on the positives of my status quo, so, ... I must assure my online poker game continues to consistently provide me with the specific indulgences that I enjoy. (But again, more on that another time soon.)
  • My online bankroll be in excess of $5k at year's end. May seem a little stupid considering the earlier goal of having one win of at least this size, but considering I've shown in the past a weakness for having a willingness to withdraw, I think it's important to have a goal to not just increase, but to maintain my bankroll.
  • Prior to 12/31/08 I plan to have my vacation scheduled for at least one week at the WSOP the Summer of '09. As I plan to play at least one preliminary event in '09, I want to know well in advance that I'll be able to comfortably afford it. Years ago I made a goal of participating in the 2010 WSOP $10k Main Event, and I think that goal, (which I still like to consider attainable,) is fairly unreasonable to expect if I can't make at least one smaller event the year prior.
  • And somewhat related to poker, I'd like to list one blog goal for the year. I plan to have at least one poker-related blog post per week. I believe taking part in the blogger community has improved the level of my poker game, and it has inarguably increased my enjoyment of the game. So I figure at least 52 poker related posts in '08 sure couldn't hurt anything... ('cept the blog's viewership I suppose!?) I do have lots of ideas for posts in mind, and I'm gonna be bitter if I again go extended lengths between posts.

Personal Goals. On the non-poker front, I'd probably rather not make a list of quantifiable objectives for the year. I'd much rather use a small list of vague resolutions, (as they're far less apt to bring upon depression after failing to accomplish.) Below are some New Year Resolutions I hope to keep throughout 2008, (or at least have good excuses for losing track of...):
  • Be more honest in general. I just find myself too often sugarcoating shit, or biting my tongue, rather than telling people what they should hear. I do too much to avoid any and all uncomfortable situations, even when I know just addressing shit would lead to better resolution.
  • Keep up my gym routine. Continue to go at least 3x/week.
  • Keep up a decent career pace. Without bothering to go into any details here, the next six months is going to involve a lot of change within my Company, and I have to assure I don't let it negatively affect my career. Long story.
  • And one still personal yet blog-related New Year Resolution is for me to be a bit more expressive in my writings here. Similarly to my sugarcoating shit in my personal life, I think in the past I've refrained from really communicating like myself here. ... I just foresee many raving rants where I don't hold back, and whine, curse, & moan about recent bad beats suffered at the poker felt.. and include ample derogatory belittling of random, invisible, anonymous, incompetent, poker villains. (I'll be sure and advise when a viewer's discretion warning may be necessary.)

Before I try to wrap up this incomprehensible, epic-length post, I want to wish any and all a very Happy New Year!!! (Not that I could imagine anyone reading this far, but...) I do hope everyone has the best of years in 2008! Cheers! To good luck... in poker & all one's endeavors.

Some specific well wishes...
Thanks to BamBam and Mrs. Chako for providing some recent motivation! I appreciate the mild nags. I'll do my best to not renege on future blog pledges (even if I might just be making them to myself.)
And a few big thank yous to Matt for: his initial communications... his introducing me to the Puget Sound area's best structured live play donkaments (albeit he doesn't show up very often!)... and for his work with arranging a Seattle Blogger Home Game! (Well, thanks in advance for the last one. More to come on that another time I'm sure.)
And finally, a very vague, general thank you to the entire 'poker blogger community!' The list of poker blogs/bloggers that I enjoy is too long to list here, (although I suppose I do try my best to capture 'em in the links to the side.) I cannot extend enough gratitude for all the entertainment I've gotten out of taking part in the MATH, the Mookie, Kat's Friday Night Donkament (my favorite), the whole BBT2, etc... Not to mention all the amusement from all the many blog conversations. Thank you all.

Well I don't think this post would be complete without making sure I repeat myself again somewhere, so... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


(I tried to provide sufficient warning to not read all this drivel! ... Told ya so!)


Matt said...

Thanks for the kind words!

I read yesterday that Treasure is closed permanently. The TD got hired at a casino in Everett and will try to bring the same structure to that place, but it's in fucking Everett. Sucks for me & even worse for you. The only other tournament I know of with a similar structure is Roxbury Lanes in W. Seattle. But it's nowhere near as nice as Treasure was - it's a cardroom in a bowling alley for fuck's sake.

I'm still planning on starting some home games soon - I need a better table before I start these up though.

GL with all of your goals in 08 - I'm looking forward to seeing more regular posts from you.

RaisingCayne said...

Oh, Matt, say it ain't so!!???
That fact would EFFING BLOW!
If it's true, for local tourneys then, where's one to go???

Alright, I'll stop the rhyming, but I'm freaking bitter! I've really been enjoying The Treasure's many tournaments over the last few months! I even chatted with the TD when I was last there on 12/23 (my Birthday.) He told me about how he was taking off for an Everett card room, but he put me under the impression that the Treasure was gonna simply hire a replacement! (Not that I imagine he would know any better about an ex-employer's intents, and this was likely just his assumption.) This is going to completely suck if the Treasure closes their doors! Their tourneys were by far the best around locally!

Anyway, we'll have to be in touch soon regarding some upcoming home games! I've got the means and the intent to host some myself, and I'll assure you're aware of the details well in advance.

We'll be in touch.

pokertart said...

Nice to see another post from you!

Happy New Year - I hope all your goals come to fruition! See you at the tables :D

BWoP said...

All the best for 2008! See you at the virtual tables.

Matt said...

Despite the less than stellar looks of the place, Roxbury does put on a decent tournament. $30, 5000 chips, can't remember the structure but at least it doesn't start out a push-fest. 3 tables is the max though, with alternates.

Not much activity on seattlepoker.net so not sure where else to go. Everett looks like a chance maybe on the weekends - doubt I'd be able to make the trip after work with traffic & all.

Any other decent tournaments are probably too steep for my bankroll right now.

BamBam said...

Happy New Year RC & all the best for 08.

No problems with the little nag about posting. I've been told by several reliable sources that bothering people, is one of the things I do best!

I choose to run with my strengths!
It's just how I roll.

Chad C said...

Good luck with your goals...

BamBam said...

Sorry RC.... One more thing.
I know it's a little late for Christmas and all..... but with the talkindonkey theme....

Did you happen to catch my brudder Carson's Christmas card for the bloggers?

If not.... check here ;


He had to be on crack when he linked up to that song. Way too funny 'cause he is the original donkey.

I just thought you'd enjoy it.

jamyhawk said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. Good to see you updating your blog. Hope you keep it up in 2008.

The Wife said...

Its a date. I mean, its not a DATE. Just a date. Don't need ticked off husbands on your case. I'll be the judge if you are au pair ready. Besides, she's sore and cranky right now - you don't want her until she's better.

Good luck in 2008.

BamBam said...


How goes the next post?
Can't wait to hear more on that later!

You decide which one. It's your blog.

Nag-nag-nag. Lmao

The Wife said...

So Matt invited me to the Seattle area stuff - you gonna play some day? Want to make a plan to meet and say "Hi" at a local event? I'll decide if you're au pair ready.

The Wife