Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blogger Home Game

Like my arrival at most social functions, I'm also fashionably late in posting a little recap of last weekend's fesitivities. If you haven't already read a recap from one the guests in attendance, there was a small gathering of Pacific NorthWest bloggers at my humble abode last Saturday evening. In attendance was myself, my roommate Joshua, my good friend Andre (non-blogger, but owner of a real nice poker table,) Mrs. Chako (the wife - Michelle,) Meanhappyguy, Matt, and SeattleJohn. (Zeem was not able to make it.) It was a real good time in all, and I'll be looking forward to similar home games in the future.

We did just two small stakes seven seat NLHE tournaments, (and one failed attempt at micro stakes cash Mixed Limit games.) It was pretty obvious from the get go that there was some actual poker players in attendance, with few, if any, irrational plays being made. (Which was a new experience for me, as I'm used to frequenting petty stakes online tourneys and the occassional random home game that are filled with donkeys unaware of basic tournament poker strategy.) Fortunately for me I was able to hold my own in the first game, and played half way decently, taking 2nd place to Joshua. I'm pretty bitter I allowed the roommate to win outright, as I feel it was primarily due to a case of awwfuckits once we were heads up. We knew we were gonna get in a 2nd tourney, and I didn't want to have the guests have to wait us out for long, (and didn't want to consider a chop thinking it would've raised a conspiracy with the two hosts splitting the whole pot,) so I decided my K6o was worth calling off my whole stack. Ghey. Next time I won't be so quick to concede.

I felt I played a real strong first tournament, making some big laydowns and well timed pushes. Pulled a jamyhawk in one hand, check/folding KK after a flop of AT4, (and having Joshua show me his TT.) Also made a big laydown against SeattleJohn, when his persistent aggression scared me away from my 9c9s on board of 2d3d4d8h. (Although not seein' his holdings and after witnessing his level of aggression throughout the rest of the evening I'm doubting that it was a smart play.) After becoming the chip leader early on, (after taking out Andre with my ATo vs. his 99 after a Ten high flop,) I was able to pretty much coast into the cash without having to make too many "moves."

The second tourney was a complete different story, as it got started well after I was more fully inebriated. Anyone that has played live poker with me before knows how I move from shark to fish in direct relation with my intake of alcohol, and by the 2nd game's start I was much closer to resembling Nemo than I was Jaws! I fittingly don't recall much specifics from the 2nd game. Andre took 2nd place to Matt, with the Wife bubbling both the first and second games, out in 3rd place.

Head over to the others' blogs for other recaps of the festivities. The Wife even has some pictures up if you cared to know what some of the Seattle blogger brethren looked like. And I really enjoyed Meanhappyguy's post here with his thoughts on each of us that were in attendance. I won't delve into any specifics myself, but I will say that it was a very friendly, very entertaining group, with NO exceptions. I believe a good time was had by all, and will look forward to doing it again down the road.

Onto other poker news... I've resumed my routine of playing at least two hours of online poker a night lately, after a prolonged hiatus earlier this year. I've had some decent successes lately; double cashing the daily doubles again the other night, and owning the $5.50 90 seat DeepStack (NONturbo, NONknockout) tournaments all week. (This SnG on FullTilt is a nightly routine for me, and is VERY +EV for anyone with patience and a decent poker IQ. I recommend it highly.) I've been feeling like my tournament game has really been on fire lately, and am looking forward to putting together a decent finish in a bigger MTT soon! (Especially after reading about Hoy's recent significant score in FTP's 50/50.) Hopefully my good results continue at tonight's Mookie. See ya there!

On a different topic... I recently humiliated myself by leaving a very rude comment on another's blog, clearly illustrating a lack of respect for one specific individual that frequents the bloggerments, (although I don't believe maintains a blog him/herself.) Anyway, without going into any details, as I'm still incredibly embarrassed by my actions, I would like to communicate a humble apology...
I'm completely embarrassed about being a fucking tool with the dipshit comment I made about not respecting one specific player. I'm an ass! I made a completely dumbfounded, moronic leap of an assumption from ONE hand a long time ago. (As I can only recall ONE experience even witnessing the individual play, and I let one fucking tiny experience lead me to draw an ignorant, and plain fucked up assumption.) And then I confound my ignorance by making the humiliating decision to share this stupid unjustified opinion with another!?... within a fucking public forum no less!? I can only communicate my sincerest apologies. I'm utterly embarrassed, and hope I can find a way to communicate this to the individual that I so rightfully offended!
My foot tastes disgusting! I feel like an ass for my hypocrisy. I always emphatically clown on the bloggers out there that seem to get so much enjoyment for berating other blogger's play, then I go and do the exact same thing... and not even on my own website, but within anothers' comments section. I'm an ass! And anyway... Evy, I'm sorry... evidently I'm a shit-talkin' donkey! Hopefully I'm able to garner some forgiveness.

Well, 'til next time...


BamBam said...


One little comment and it's clear,


Feel free to dance amongst yourselves.

Now Sir Cayne,

Get over to "Bedrock" and let's add you to the illustrious list of blogger pron stars!

meanhappyguy said...

Good times, indeed! I do believe I saw some sun today, although it was looking out an office window. Damn day jobs. Until next time!

Fuel55 said...

Where's ,my linkage?

Marissa said...

Hi Cayne:

I just saw your apology today. Bambam told me you posted it.

Thank you very much. I very much respect you stepping up like that.

Apology accepted.

- Evy

Seattlejohn said...

You are correct in thinking you laid down the best hand with 99's. I had an underpair to your 99's It was the right move at the time however. Good time, let me know if you decide to do it again....SJ

lightning36 said...

I envy those of you who can have an in-person poker night with our online adversaries. Sounds like it was great.

Hey - we all say stupid stuff sometimes. What makes the difference in what kind of person we are is how we attempt to rectify the situation.