Monday, November 26, 2007

Long Time No Post

Alright, long time no post. Sorry to any and all dissatisfied visiters to this humble little blog for having not posted much at all this month. I won't go into detail about my reasons for not posting lately, or bother listing a bunch of excuses. Rather, I'll simply sincerely apologize for my lack of attention here lately and vow to do my best to post more often going forward. Hoping that'll suffice...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Mine was decent, I suppose. Pretty standard really. Early dinner with the fam, and cocktails with friends later in the evening. Good times. It was great to have a four day weekend away from work, as I've been feeling a bit on 'life tilt' lately. The small time off to relax was much needed. Again, I'll spare the personal details, I've just been goin' through some tough personal shit lately, both professionallyand socially, and it's been difficult concentrating on much of anything lately.

On to the poker front... I've had some real poor results online for a few weeks now, losing pretty consistently at my petty stakes MTTs and SnGs. Fortunately I've been doing pretty damn well live! A good friend of mine down South in the Olympia area has been hosting a weekly Saturday night poker game that's proven to be very +EV. I've made it down a few times over the last month or two and have consistently dominated. Each evening has consisted of two to four little $10 to $50 buy in tournaments of just six to ten people. But the players are just complete fish, and the dead money in attendance is ample. It would be nearly impossible to come up with anything resembling a strategy post from the home game, as the play is just horrendous, and there's not much logic or rationale that seems to go into opponents' decisions. It's just been super easy to dominate each game I've been in... I'm afraid I'll be un-invited soon!

At first I was real hesitant about enjoying the game. I was well aware of the idiotic play ahead of time, and was just unsure of the best method(s) of taking advantage of it. I was afraid the donkey calling stations and moronically loose pre-flop play would result in too many suckouts to make the game fun for me. But boy was I wrong! It's proven incredibly easy to separate the fools from their chips at this thing. The game is a player's dream, I swear. I almost have started feeling guilty for dominating... almost. It just boggles my mind why some of the same people keep showing up when they effectively have zero chance of winning. I know, it's just a petty stakes home game that's all meant just for fun, I just find it funny to witness such blatant ignorance of anything resembling strategy.

Anyway, I'll be sure and start posting much more often from here on out. Maybe I'll even delve a little into my personal goings on that have had me feeling so defeated lately. Or, maybe not, I don't know. I'd at least like to tell Mrs. Chako there's good reason I haven't tried to hit on her au pair lately, (and assure her that I'll be back to trying to finangle an introduction very soon. :-)

Hope everyone is doing well! I really wish I was sharing in the excitement of meeting up in Vegas in under two weeks, but, unfortunately this year's December blogger gathering just isn't in the cards for me!

'Til next time...



HighOnPoker said...

Man, I love those super fishy tables. It's even better when they know nothing than when they know a little bit. I used to run a homegame that was like that until people learned the ropes. Then I played in my buddy's homegame with the same situation, until everyone improved due to experience. Enjoy it while it lasts. It may be a long while (1 yr+), but eventually the smarter fish learn and the stupider ones stop having fun.

The Wife said...

I want to come to your fishy home game . . .

Glad to see you back on. You only get a personal introduction after I meet you and personally approve. Don't I sound like a mom?

And you know what? You only have to share as much as you want to share . . . but us invisibles are good listeners sometimes if you ever think it would help.

Too bad you can't join us in Vegas - you'll miss my attempt to be the hot, trashy mom.

The Wife

BamBam said...

Hey RC !

I wanted to say thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you did, since now I know where to read up on you.

Oh wait !!!!!

"Anyway, I'll be sure and start posting much more often from here on out."

I think we just found your new years resolution!

What do you think?

All the best in 08.

The Wife said...

You ever gonna post again? Maybe in 2008, we can meet up - maybe even go blow some money at one of the local tourneys . . . you ever do those?

Let me know.

Happy New Year

The Wife