Thursday, September 6, 2007

Losing Live, and RedheadJenn in the Mookie.

Took a shot at Live play last weekend, went to the Muckleshoot last Saturday for some $3-$5 No Limit. Sat down with the $300 and left with nothing four hours later. It was real humbling, and frustrating as I just played horribly! Made some DUMB errors that really cost me: calling with hands like Top pair no kicker, while making scared folds with big drawing hands... just real bad play altogether.

Made a real ignorant decision that tilted me late: holding 47o in the small blind with about $190 in front of me, I decided to try and see a flop after LOTS of limpers, and threw in $2 more. BB checks his option, and flop comes J74 paint. First to act, I bet out the pot for $30. Get one caller from mid position, and then the button goes into the tank before pushing all in for $400+. ... And, like a dumbass... I FOLD. Midposition caller goes into the tank before folding and showing KJ... And the pushin' donkey shows AJ. F@*#!!!

I suck! Hindsight blows too, as I should have KNOWN I was ahead. In my dumb rationale I made the fold 'cause the pusher on my right had not made a move like that yet, and I for some reason read him for a monster hand. But, thinking about it longer, there was no monster hands even remotely likely in that spot: Dude had limped along with the whole table, so there was NO way he had JJ. And how/why could I still put him on a set when I held a 4 and a 7 myself!? And lastly, I knew the player wasn't the type to enter a pot with J7 or J4, as he had folded at least 80% pre-flop thus far, regardless of the action. So again, hindsight is embarrassing, I should've KNOWN I was ahead and taken down a monster pot. Instead, I went on tilt and donked off my remaining stack within the next five hands and left empty handed. Tilted me for the whole holiday weekend. And, a my buddy nouvellechef joined me for the adventure, and he left UP an even $1,000 after the same four hours at the same limits! As happy as I was for him, my envy was unbearable! Live and learn from each mistake I suppose, but I imagine it's gonna be a little while before I make another run at the live NL cash tables. One can't play scared, like I believe I did, and expect to come out ahead! Being scurred is -EV.

Anyway... had a GREAT time playin' in the Mookie last night. Talked my friend RedheadJenn into joining me in the tournament, and we both ended in the cash! Me just taking 6th place, and her getting sucked out on heads up for a great 2nd place finish. Great game Jenn!!! Good times. Thanks again to Mookie for hosting, and BuddyDank radio for providing such awesome entertainment throughout! 'Til next time...

... I'm a talkin' donkey,


Mr. Bankwell said...

Live and on-line are very different.

Bottom two can be a dangerous hand and you have to be careful with it, but I think that a push was in order. (Was this at a casino? or club? because when you push and the middle player folds you could run it twice.)

I might have even gone for a check-raise because with that many limpers some one had to hit something or would represent something. Some one would bet, maybe some one would call and then you put the large over bet out there and pick up the dead money or maybe even get the A-J to call, if he does then you push the turn.

I always think that no matter the result if I can find something of worth from the game and learn from it then it was a good session even if I lost, so as long as you can look back recognize your mistakes and know why they were mistakes then it wasn’t such a bad session.

RaisingCayne said...

The worst part about the hand was I actually made the pot bet from first to act WITH THE intention of coming over the top of a raiser, or at least continuing the aggression if just called. And then I get exactly what I was looking for, a re-raiser, and somehow I talk myself into folding.???!!! WTF! The table was playing real aggressive post flop, so I was happy building the pot from first to act with bottom two, opposed to going for the check raise, to avoid the possibility of allowing any free cards. I still have NO explanation for why I then made the incompetent fold when the button pushed.! He was the ONLY player that hadn't yet made a move like that, but I have only fear to blame for my ignorance, as there's no reasonable logic for the decision.

I do appreciate the above 'pick-me-up' regarding the lesson learned making for a "not-bad session." I suppose that's a silver lining. But I'm tired of "looking on the brigh side," I want the wins!

Mr. Bankwell said...

With the cold deck I've been getting hit with the "always look on the bright side of life" is the only thing keeping me in the game.

It's hard to play correct poker and still lose to the luck boxes.

You have to stay away from Donkey see Donkey do.

Matt said...


I know it's a bit in advance, but better to be safe than sorry. I don't make it out to card rooms here very often, but I'm gonna head down to Treasure Casino in Renton to play 1 or 2 of their $30 tournaments. Good structure - 5k to start, 20 min levels. If you're interested, we should try to meet up. Holla back.