Monday, September 24, 2007

Attempting the MATH Three-Peat... and Live Play is Rigged

Another Monday evening, another MATH... moments away from the start of this week's 'Monday's at the Hoy' tournament! This will mark my attempt to three-peat as champ, after I somehow managed to luckbox my way to 1st place the last two week's in a row! I'd say wish me luck, but I know no one would mean it after the last two weeks. I'm sure it's someone else's turn this week to get all the luck anyway. My roommate has been sick of hearing me gloat over my recent success, and after he read Hoy giving me more credit, he even decided to join the MATH tonight with his only goal being to take chips from me! So fyi, look out for "joshuacarlsen" at your table, he's my roommate, and HE'S DEAD MONEY! ;-) Kidding Joshua! Good luck!

I did/do really want to post a long writeup about the weekend, as I got LOTS of poker in, and had the pleasure to hook up with a fellow blogger in person! But, I don't know if I've got the means to put all the details together as I spent most the weekend heavily inebriated, and Matt already posted a great writeup on our getting together at a local card room. But I would like to say, it was great to meet you Matt! And, live play is rigged!

A brief summary from what I remember from the weekend:
-Met up Friday evening just to argue with the pitboss about limiting the tourney to 30 entries, having fifteen players not be able make it by the end of the alternates period. Donked off some money at 4-card. Left angry.
-Went to the 12:30 DeepStack ($60 entry, rather than $30) tourney at the same place Saturday. Pushed my TPKK into bottom set and was out in the third hour. My roommate, Joshua, luckboxed his way into the cash though! Taking 5th place, out of 50 or so, for a nice $100+ profit. Good game Joshua!!! Got completely wasted while playing Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em waiting for Joshua to lose out. Actually made good money while getting hammered somehow. Table games rule!
-Went and got my haircut while liquored up, and offended my stylist. (Note to self, don't make appointments while intoxicated.)
-Came back to The Treasure with Joshua, and my other friend RedheadJenn, and met up with Matt for the 6:30 tourney. Still completely drunk! My friend RedheadJenn hit nut flush on turn holding the Ah, just to see villain's flopped straight flush. Myself, I ran AKo (ALL-IN PREFLOP) into crazy Asian guy's almighty 37 soooooooted. And none of the four of us cashed.
-Sunday was Sunday... per my routine, it was spent recovering and watching sports. GO SEAHAWKS!

I do notice I was just "tagged" by Mr. Bankwell (of Poker Tart fame) with this "10 Things No One Knows About Me" thingamajig... but I'll have to do some thinkin' about that one. Next post's topic I'm sure.

Good luck all!!! Off to the MATH... 'Til next time...

...I'm a talkin' donkey!

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Nice job in the 750k!