Monday, September 17, 2007

MATH Repeat!!!

Repeated as champion of the MATH this week! Continued my really hot run in this tournament with my 3rd win, 2nd in a row! With one other 2nd place in just 7 attempts, with 6 final tables, this tournament has become my little cash cow. I've got an ROI over a 500%, with $1110 in winnings over my seven $26 buy-ins. I like the MATH!!!

I was pretty card hot throughout this bloggerment, getting big slick a zillion times, and a handful of timely pocket Tens, (althought I can't recalling being dealt a single QQ-AA.) Had one BRUTAL suckout go my way late in the tourney when I played a hand like a complete tool against emptyman. With just high card and a flush draw after the turn I just gave up my whole stack into a big pot before catching the miracle 2nd running suit on the river. It was an awful play, and I had no place in the hand. Really sick. It was garbage.

I was on a different sort of tilt after that, it was odd. I started doing really well right after, and was soon in great position to compete for the win. All the while knowing that I had just been allin after the turn with ~8 outs, in a hand I played like a complete fool. It was just odd feeling that I was only still in given the brutal suckout, and here I was gathering a nice stack late in the tourney. It was a different sort of tilt. ... But... I got over it! ;-) ... Played a great final table, (focused on not getting embarrassed again,) and went on to repeat as champ!

Fortunately, emptyman went on to take 2nd place, letting me feel a little less guilty. GG man! Again, sorry! I did/do feel awful about it. (Not like 'chop-1st-place-awful' about it... but pretty bad. :-) ... And a good game to IslandBum1 for cashing in 3rd, and wookin_pa_noob who lost out on the bubble. Thanks to Hoy for hosting... good times! And if my MATH math is right, this puts me in 4th place on the yearly leaderboard, and within just $65 from Bayne in 1st! I'll look forward to puttin' a little pressure on the top three next week. See you then!

Do notice that the blog posts recapping my recent MATH victories each detail brutal suckouts for big stacks! This isn't a coincidence. I'm a donkey! Don't go assuming too much from the numbers in this tournament... Even a broken clock is right two times a day!

I'm a talkin' donkey,


Mike Maloney said...

Wow, congrats, the MATH seems to be your tourney to win as of late.

CEMfromMD said...

Congrats on winning the MATH. So much happier that "worm" didnt win, heck he didnt even cash. Great read on how you managed to take it down at the end.
Also, I appreciate your comments on my blog, I really did think I played that hand correctly, giving him all the reason in the world to fold.

Mr. Bankwell said...

Congrats on another win.

Sometimes through aggression you make your own luck. (Or so I like to think).

You should see if there is a World MATH Poker Tour, then you could turn pro. ;)

emptyman said...

Congrats again, you earned it.

The more I look at the "suckout", the less it looks like a suckout. Gotta get lucky sometimes to win these things, but aggression and confidence are also required and you obviously have no shortage of either.


SirFWALGMan said...

I really can not let you win anymore. It is not acceptable.

Doog said...

Very well played, sir. That suckout was brutally sick...

RaisingCayne said...

Thank you to everyone for all the accolades! I sure appreciate the recognition!!! That being said, do be careful, as I'm already an arrogant @$$, and can't afford to let anything else go to my head. I'm gonna need to be humbled next week! :-)

Matt said...

I'll send you an email later with my phone number. Gimme a call when you heading down or at Treasure.


Mr. Bankwell said...

BTW I have Tagged you: