Monday, October 1, 2007

Ten Things No One Knows About Me

Alright, since I was "tagged" by Mr. Bankwell, the following are Ten Things No One Knows About Me... (well, ten things no invisible internet friends know about me at least...)

1) I skipped the 3rd grade. ... Always been used to being the youngest in a crowd ever since. Graduated High School at 17, and finished college at 21.

2) I smoke a lot of pot. ... Way too much in fact. I'm an addict, having came to grips with the fact that I've grown dependent. I feel like I could use 'help,' but, like Dave Chappelle in Half-Baked, I'm afraid to seek it out for fear of getting clowned on for being in recovery "just for weed man." Don't get me wrong, by no means does my habit make me a social misfit. It's just tough realizing a dependency.

3) I don't like my job. ... I work in the finance department for a huge company, and spend over 40 hours a week in cubicle country. I do really enjoy the respect I get in my position, and I make decent enough money, I'm just a bit fed up with corporate America, that's all.

4) I once did a touchdown dance in the endzone of Qwest Field in Seattle. ... Kind of a long story, (and no, I'm not a football player,) but I once found myself sans security inside the stadium at one in the morning, so I ran down to the field to pull off a quick "sprinkler" on the Seahawks logo in the endzone.

5) My house burnt down when I was High School. ... November 5th, 1995. Got called to the principal's office out of class just to take a phone call from a 911 operator with the bad news. Vice Principal gave me a ride home, just so I could watch it burn to the ground. I grew up a lot that year.

6) I'm currently very single. ... Haven't been in love since the college sweetheart left me after graduation. I've been playing the field for the last six years, but haven't met anyone that I could see myself with.

7) I'm a democrat. ... I have very liberal political opinions, and lean far to the left with my nearly socialist theologies. I hate the current president, and am embarrassed by the image of our country that our current administration has portayed to the rest of the world.

8) I absolutely hate scary movies! ... Unlike Waffles, I absolutely detest this film genre. Why would anyone choose to be scared?! It just boggles my mind why anyone would make a conscience decision to do something that would scare them. ...

9) I hate rollercoasters. ... For the same reason above, plus the nausuea.

10) I love the show Heroes, and am watching right now. ... I'm real into it!

Alright, well that's that I guess. I suppose I will try and "tag" someone myself, and see if Matt will give this a shot.

On the poker front, I did score a little win by turning an $8 satellite victory into a $300 score for taking 440th place in Sunday's $750k at FullTilt. Pushed with 88 with an M of 7 shortly after the bubble burst, called by AQ and the board went villain's way. It felt real good to cash in my 2nd attempt at this thing, but after railing the tournament through to the final table I can't help but think about "what might have been." I'm all sorts of envious of the 'pocketfive-ers' that seem to consistently come down with big big scores. Sure would be nice to Final Table one of these things myself! (Says Captain Obvious.) Back in January of this year I took down my biggest score ever by turning an $11 satellite win into ~$6k for 18th place in the PokerStars Sunday Million... when I ran KK into AA. I'd love the chance of getting down there again.

Lost out of the MATH tonight just prior to the final table. The hand that crippled me was when I caught Bayne making a move with K8o preflop, and I called his all in with my AJsuited just to see the board go his way. That's the game we play. (Note: Bayne went on to cash, and take over Hoy's leaderboard... a bit frusrating, but worth congratulations. GG Bayne! And congrats to BuddyDank who took down the tournament! GG!!!)

Anyway, better keep workin' on another satellite to a big score. 'Til next time.

"...I'm a talkin' donkey!"


bayne_s said...

I seem to remember the K8 was suited!

After re-raise failed I am forced to call if I believe you are unpaired or the K is an over card.

I also don't remember seeing you credit your delivered beats as 30/70 or more dog during your MATH successes.

RaisingCayne said...

Touche!!! Good points Bayne! Pardon my frustration, as there was NO problem with the play. Once I pushed over your re-raise you were definitely committed. I was just jealous of your jump on the leaderboard, that is all!

Matt said...

Bastard! I'll get something up this week.

Schaubs said...

Looks like we have more in common than I originally thought... no my house didn't burn down... take a guess.

If you ever make it up to Vancouver we'll play cards and indulge. You, Matt and Chris (Meanhappyguy) should put a road trip together.

Mr. Bankwell said...

You can never smoke a lot of pot, it is impossible.

RaisingCayne said...

Canadians!!!??? :-)

Schaubs / Mr. Bankwell, a couple pothead canucks huh! Pardon my lack of surprise, from my trips to Vancouver in the college years, I was left with the impression that you had to be a smoker to live in Canada!

I appreciate the offer Schaubs! I've been wanting to hit up the River Rock for a long time. I'll have to arrange a trip up there sometime (in '08.)

meanhappyguy said...

Now, call me logical, but since Matt, Raisingcayne and I all live in or around Seattle, why don't you bring your lazy ass down here, Schaubs?!

pokertart said...

We have a lot in common!

The Wife said...


Thanks for your kind comments - yes, poker players and bloggers in FW!

Appreciate your good thoughts for the Dr.'s return . . . we're counting down the days and handling life one day at a time.

And I'm not a big fan of scary movies either . . .

The Wife (Mrs. Chako)

surflexus said...

Thanks!!! I appreciate it!!!

HighOnPoker said...

We've got a lot in common, my man. I'll be keeping a closer eye on your blog after reading this list. Good stuff.