Monday, March 3, 2008

Vegas, Baby

Again, long time no post. I've came to the realization that I don't have it in me to post on here more than once or twice a month. By no means can I blame a busy schedule, or anything other than a simple lack of ambition. I'm just going to stop lieing to myself. (and my one or two readers,) by saying I will be "posting again very soon" when I know that's likely not the case. I will post routinely, just not yet sure what that routine is going to consist of!

Anyway, on to the important topic of this post... I'm headed to Vegas for an extended bachelor party in under ten days!!! Will be in Sin City livin' la vida loca from 03/12-03/16! My best friend's bride-to-be isn't too happy with me for the length of the plans, but I figured she'll get over it eventually, and I've arranged for my best friend and his 9 closest pals to spend almost a full week of debauchery in my favorite American city! Although in my previous visits I was not at all impressed by the place, we will be staying at Bally's Hotel & Casino given the smokin' deal we got for group accomodations. With plans to NOT spend a lot of time within hotel rooms, this was the most affordable option that had us in an acceptable location on the strip.

Could use some help with planning the specific festivities in case any readers have some Vegas advice/insight for me!?? Of course, at least one trip to 'The Spearmint Rhino' is in order, so I don't need that obvious recommendation. (When in Rome...!) But any and all other advice would be greatly appreciated! Including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Advice for 'How best to NOT get rolled by hookers!!?' (Odds of there being a late March blog post containing details of my being ripped off by Vegas' "exotics"... 7:1.)
  • How to get the most bang for our buck, for a group of TEN dudes planning to spend a significant amount of time and money at the World's largest strip club?. (Over/under on group tab... $1,500.) EDIT: As Fuel pointed out, this over/under was drastically understated! I've had similar tabs with smaller groups in Portland, so TEN OF US, IN VEGAS, at the world's foremost strip club!??... New over/under on group tab... $3,000!
  • Which casino bar on the strip most easily can accommodate room for TEN guys to drink heavily for hours on end, at a reasonable expense, while also providing ample opportunity to play "working or not working" in regards to the female patrons? (Over/under on bottles of 'Seagram's VO' consumed from bar... 4.)
  • Which clubs/bars/casinos/poker rooms to AVOID, if any.? As much as I'd love insight on where we SHOULD spend our time, I'd also love to hear of any places where we should NOT give our business, just in case anyone has some Vegas "must avoid" advice.? (Note: The chance of our group paying a cover charge for a "night club scene" that we could get while staying in Seattle... slim to none!)
  • Any other strip joints, or other bachelor party venues that should not be missed!? (Chance of returning from trip and hearing "I can't believe you did Vegas for a bachelor party and did NOT go to ____!?" ... 85%!)
  • When/where I might be able to squeeze in a $40-$300 poker tournament that's not a complete crapshoot in structure. While I did tell my friends I would NOT spend the whole trip within poker rooms, I do foresee me taking time out to play at least one live tourney over the stay. (Chance of my getting annoyed with the large group of friends and dissappearing to perform my own lengthy tour of Vegas poker rooms on the strip... 49.9%, despite my statement to the contrary.)
  • Which Sportsbook on the strip is best for a group of ten rowdy fanatics to spend an afternoon drinking and watching & gambling on random worldwide sporting events? (Over/under on wagers placed on sports for which we don't even know the rules... $500.)
  • How to best score/transport 'party favors'?! Is it best to carry with us on the plane, or try to score down there? Or is it best to just refrain from drug use? LOL, "just refrain," that's funny. (Over/under on number of us, out of ten, that make it out of SeaTac airport and on to the plane... 9.)
  • How to NOT get kicked out of a hotel that has an apparent demographic of 'retired and over 65'??! (Odds of Bally's Staff asking our group of ten 26-36 year old alcoholic degenerate males to find an alternative lodging option... 3.5:1.)
  • Best means of arranging private party with exotic entertainment.? Is it possible or worthwhile to arrange for exotic entertainment to be provided within one of the suites, or better to keep the exotics at the clubs? (Odds of at least one of the group of ten of us being arrested for propositioning an undercover... 4.5:1.)
  • Best travel option for a group of TEN to get from here to there in the city?. (Van cabs only fit so many, is limo rental worth considering?)

Well, thanks in advance for any and all Vegas advice left within the comments! I t is appreciated! This isn't going to be any real life version of 'Very Bad Things,' or anything too crazy/wild. Just a few days of partying like we were somebody else before we come back and attend another penis funeral... Oops, I mean wedding.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If ANYONE that is going on this trip is actually reading this, (I'm lookin' at you DUSTIN!,) DO NOT utter a word!!! The entire group of guests do NOT know of the bachelor party plans, and I MUST keep it this way! (Sorry you're finding out this way, but I thought posting a request for some Vegas advice from bloggers was necessary in advance of the trip!) Please please please, do NOT let on that you're aware of anything!!! The group of us going is completely unaware of the specifics of the lengthy itinerary, and I do NOT want anyone knowing that you were able to get some details where they could not! Thanks in advance for your complete confidentiality! And for your peace of mind, there's ample other activities in the itinerary that I have NOT divulged... so there will still be plenty of surprises in store.

Anyway,... onto some poker topics. Just in case you've been living under a rock for the last couple weeks, the BBT3 has begun!!! Last night's Blogger Big Game kicked off the first of FIFTY FIVE different tournamants in this latest Series of events! (Which will culminate with multiple WSOP event entries being awarded!!!) Congratulations to FTP professional Scott Fischman on capturing the first seat into the Tournament Of Champions, by taking down 'The Blogger Big Game' last night! I know many poker bloggers out there are likely frustrated that a "pro" took down this "blogger event," and now has a chance to "steal" one of the grand prize WSOP Tourney seats via the TOC... but I for one am excited about Scott's involvement! To me it reflects the popularity and sheer 'awesomeness' of Al's latest arrangement with Full Tilt. Plus, if our group of bloggers want to whine about there being pros within the player pool, why would we then even consider WSOP events anyway!? I believe the involvement of "pros" should be welcomed, and treated as providing an opportunity for us bloggers to compete with the best... not as another reason for some of us amateurs to bitch & moan about taking away opportunity.

And a little personal poker news, I managed to take down Kat's Friday Nite Donkament last Friday evening for a little bankroll boost prior to the BBT3 kickoff! I love that game... good times! I quickly took the winnings and registered for the Big Game... just to think better of the bankroll devestation that I was contemplating, and unregistered prior to yesterday's start! Spending $75 online, out of pocket, seemed a bit idiotic for my petty bankroll, and after going 0 for 2 in $14 attempts at a tier two token, I gave up any thought of taking part in the BBT3 kickoff event. However, I did already register for tonight's Monday's At The Hoy tourney though, and am looking forward to my first attempt at a TOC seat this evening, with the $26 6-max NLHE DeepStack event! Hope to see everyone there!

'Til next time... (And again... thank you thank you thank you, in advance, for any and all comments containing Vegas Bachelor Party advice!!!)

...I'm a talkin' donkey,



Fuel55 said...

How to get the most bang for our buck, for a group of TEN dudes planning to spend a significant amount of time and money at the World's largest strip club?. (Over/under on group tab... $1,500.)

LOLOL - I will take the over!!!!!

HighOnPoker said...

I wish I had more answers for you, but I can recommend a few things.

The Venetian tournaments are within your price range and have a good structure. I'm sure you can get their full schedule of events online or call them for details.

If you are going to be there for a long time and want to have a cheap meal, I suggest Ellis Island, a small casino around the corner from the strip with $1 microbrews (brewed on premises) and a $4.95 steak special that comes with potato, veg, and soup or salad. The place is a bit of a shithole, but I went there with my boys for my buddy's bachelor party and everyone enjoyed it. Ellis has two restaurants (the other is BBQ), so make sure you go to the right one. They'll accomodate large groups too.

I hope that helps somewhat.

lightning36 said...

You don't post much, but you make hoyistic posts when you do!

I usually go to Las Vegas solo or with my brother, so I can't help with group of ten experience.

Venetian or Caesars for your tourney are good options.

And for a late-night case of the munchies, go to the Victoria Room 24-hour restaurant right across the street in Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon.

CarmenSinCity said...

Okay, let's see. I've been to a few strip clubs in town, but I was always really fucked up when I was there, so I honestly can't remember which ones were good and which ones were bad. Of course you know that the Spearmint Rhino is always a must see for all tourists. I hear that OG's is really big too. It's on Las Vegas Blvd.

As far as clubs, when I was partying I used to go to the Palms a lot - they have a HUGE club called Rain, they also have the Moon Bar which is in the Playboy Tower and I love the view from the Ghost Bar. The Palms is always a blast and there's always a lot of hot chicks there and a lot of celebrities hang out there.

Also, I spent a lot of time at the bars at the MGM, TABU is great on Wednesdays nights because it's a lot of locals and it's not quite as crowded as the other nights. Studio 54 at the MGM is fun too.

My favorite poker room is at the MGM because there is always a lot of action and a lot of drunk people hangout there so it's easy to take there money. There is a bar right next to the MGM poker room called Centrifuge and every 30 minutes the girls get on top the bar and do a dance and the music is good and it makes the poker room a lot more lively.

The Venetian has the nicest poker room, it's very luxe, but it's kind of stuck up and snobby. It's not as fun.

Places like the Red Rock and the Orleans are total locals hangouts, so there are a lot of rocks that play there and it's not nearly as easy to take their money.

There are tons of cheap places to drink and play craps, blackjacks and roulette downtown on Fremont Street. I suggest that everyone goes downtown at least one night because you get the feel of old school Las Vegas and it's a lot of fun.

Um - let me know what night you'll be playing poker - I'll definitely meet up with you at the MGM - Fridays and Saturdays are best for me. But, I'd be willing to meet you on a Thursday night too if you are interested!

AlCantHang said...

I'm the wrong person to ask about bachelor party trips to Vegas. There are a ton of places that I could give you tips on but not Vegas.

When I'm there you can find me in three places. Poker room, sportsbook or craps table.

BamBam said...

Not that you don't always play "your" game as such, but I'm with Carmen on the MGM for a bankroll building poker experience. It's ahuge hotel and I found that the guests actually go there, stay there and want the NLHE experience. I say "give it to them." Play "your" game and you'll do great. Might even find that you can pay for a good chunk of your trip. Now with that said, they will mostly be drunk. So to avoid the rants that a drunk can throw, be fun at the table. Drunks can't yell at a nice guy they're having fun with. lol!

If it's a game for all 10 of you to play in, The Riviera has a crappy little poker room that holds a $50, ($60) buy in, freeze out tourney at 11:00am. They get about 12 to 20 from the day's I was there. Walking in there with 33-50 percent of the field will get you taken care of well, (drinks, comps?) and a really good chance of taking the thing down.

I haven't got a clue how to play craps. I just know they give and take money. That's why I have my crap experience at Slots'O'Fun, in front of Circus-Circus. We played for 3 1/2 hrs and Pebbles left with $21.50 and I was down $3.50. It is almost always a $0.50 table and the play/pay is fairly loose. Meaning the pit boss knows you're there to have fun. 10 guy's could take over the table there and they'd treat you great. We as a group, filled 6 seats at their $3 Let-it-Ride table, I was drinking some of the best Scotch going and she came by OFTEN! Then when we left up about $850 as a group, the free dinner at a really nice Italian SteakHouse was offered to keep us coming back. We made an appearance the next day and the Scotch had improved to Johnnie Walker Blue! heh! It's a little dumpy place and kinda crowded. But it can be quite the experience with a group spending a buck or two. The more you win, the better you'll be treated. Same as anywhere, just really low limits.

The Fremount "troll" is a must. Just for the feel. I like the extremes between here and "the strip."

IP and Casino Royale center strip for just plain crazy atmosphere and great drinks and service. IP's Cockeyed Clam has reasonably priced and decent tasting Seafood.

Have a blast! It doesn't matter what advice you get, the secret to Vegas is always the same. Treat it like it's your last time there.

Oh and another thing, talk to the hookers, just don't let them get you alone. Persistance turns into plain old aggresion when they get one-on-one. It's funny at first, but it gets really ugly fast.

BamBam said...

And now.......
Perhaps a trip report?

The friendly pest!


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