Monday, October 22, 2007


No post in long awhile. I've been on an extreme level of life-tilt lately, and it has definitely extended to the poker felt. I won't bother with specifics, just been incredibly frustrated with my life lately, and am all sorts of bitter with the world. I'd delve into my depression here, but that's probably as useful as a nazi apology. So I'll digress.

Poker has been a cruel cruel mistress lately. I feel like Waffles in the sense that I seem to perpetually lose from ahead at every table I sit at lately. I've just had a horrible run lately. It's killin' me. I feel like I'm going crazy, I can't win a single thing lately! Managed to lose my entire online bankroll, and am back to grinding it out at the petty levels. Poker fucking blows! It's enough to drive a guy crazy.

On a positive note, if I can find one, I am as excited as everyone else for this BBT2, and will be tryin' my damnedest to win one of these blogger events to qualify for the shot at the Aussie Millions trip! By no means could I afford to take part in the blogger big game on Sunday, but I did just fall out of this week's MATH... (in 34th of 82 after jjok decided to take away every pot I was involved in: Calling my JJ and QQ pre flop raises, and betting out large after TWO different AKx flops!... and finally calling my JsTs all-in with his 99 that holds up.)

Been playing a lot more live games lately, tryin' tournaments all over the county. Of course, I haven't won a single thing, but I feel my live game is getting a bit more honed. My roommate ran real well yesterday, taking down the Muckleshoot's daily noon $65 tourney, AND cashing in the Treasure Casino's 6:30 $60 superstack tourney last night. Good games Joshua!

'Til next time... Good luck all, (someone has to have it!)


jjok said...

good game tonight man.....sorry for the beats.....

coinflip hell......

pokertart said...

Poker can be a cruel mistress.

Life tilt leads to poker tilt leads to life tilt leads to.....(you get the picture).

In the grand scheme, it's just a game (is that blasphemy?). Don't let it get you down.

Amatay said...

Just came across your blog m8 looks pretty gd. wanna swap links?