Thursday, May 15, 2008

Better Mood

May be on the way out of my recent funk, as I've found myself in a better mood recently. I've realized a bitter tone really seemed to persist over my last few posts, (especially the recent rant I decided to delete shortly after posting,) and I feel this was simply a by-product of my recent gloom. I'll save all the details, as I never intended for this blog to get too personal, but wanted to simply share that things seem to be slowly turning for the better, and I'm feeling a bit more optimistic recently. Plan to have more positive posts up here rather than negative rants going forward. (Although, I'm not sure which are deemed more entertaining.)

On the poker front... I did finally final table a BBT3 event in last week's Riverchaser's, taking 4th place. Looking forward to a repeat performance this week, with the tourney having JUST kicked off. I also was able to cash in last night's Mookie before my donkey exit. I decided to go for what I thought was a resteal attempt with my AceNine in the BB, just to run up against Evy's AceKing on the button. Yep, that's right, I went all out with AceNine, the exact hypothetical holding I bitched about on here recently for villains' overplaying. My hypocrisy indeed has no bounds! (On a sidenote, Evy seems to really be running well of late with some solid bloggerment finishes... and also seems to be becoming quite the nemesis for me, dispatching me from a few recent events. Best of luck to her going forward, as I root for all non-TOC seat holders to win one of these last few events as the BBT3 comes to a close.)

In other poker news... I had a DEEP run in the $26, $9,500 KO tourney on FullTilt last week that was incredibly frustrating! Lost out in 21st place when my KK < AcTc AIPF. At the time I was dispatched I had a 3rd place chip stack too. I got the tourney chip leader to commit over 70% of his stack preflop with AcTc, but couldn't manage to come out on top. This was the closest I've came to a four figure score in at least six months, so the ~$100 I did cash was little consolation for me. Winning in that 67/33 spot would've put me in a dominating first place position, but, it was not to be. (I didn't even fault villain too much, as I was completely running over the table at the time with constant preflop raises, as NO ONE was playing back at me whatsoever. The chipleader understandably went for the re-steal from the button with a hand that he had to think was good against my range. Of course, his call of my re-re-raise jam was quite iffy, but I digress.)

In other other poker news... I seemed to have found a means to replenish my FullTilt bankroll via the morons that seem to frequent the 4-seat HU SnG shootouts. If you enjoy HU poker, and haven't gave these a shot, I really recommend 'em. The $6.50+$0.40 token satellite options have proved to be a great way to stock up on those tier one tokens. On a similar note, if you haven't heard already, Loretta has just started another weekly bloggerment, with the Sunday Head's Up tournament, a $26 64-person HU shootout at 21:00 hours on Full Tilt, password: shovemonkey. Should be good times.

Hope everyone's running well, 'til next time..
...I'm a talkin' donkey,


Evy said...

Thanks for the shout out...

Keep your chin up -- as you've seen on my blog, we all have a dark days. It sucks, but things DO get better.

If I can help in any way, just ask.

Evy (

meanhappyguy said...

Hope the party was fun. I stayed inside all day today recovering from last night. If I had tried to ride the motorcycle down to Federal Way I wouldn't have made it out of the garage alive.